Wireless video transmission on set is vital because it enables seamless device communication without tangled cables, fostering creative freedom to move cameras and equipment around more flexibly.

Our Helios system delivers top-tier image quality and professional RF performance. Operating on licensed frequencies, it provides incredible stability – a perfect tool for signal reception by the DIT or Qtake, ensuring seamless signal distribution to all monitors on set.


The Helios 10FTX is the lightweight COFDM transmitter for the cinema industry. It transmits 10 bit 4:2:2 video with HEVC or H.264 encoding. It accepts all HD SDI formats and auxiliary metadatas.

  • 100mW, 50mW or 10mW RF power
  • 9 – 36V power in
  • Ultra low latency mode
  • Stereo audio input and 48V power
  • SDI Rec flag for silent operation
  • HDR metadata support
  • DVB-T
  • Frequencies : 2 – 2.7Ghz (250khz step)
  • Unlimited receivers


Our Helios RX Ultra is a 2U half 19 inches rack, powered by XLR4 12V. It has four RF input, four 3G-SDI output, two Analog audio output, Genlock in, and two RJ45 for streaming and control.

The receiver will combine all RF input to decode the video signal into one. This allows to place many antennas on the camera pathway to be sure to receive in all circumstances.


The downconverts serve many purpose on our RF system. First of all, it adapts impedance of antennas into 75ohm output. This way you can use classic video cable to connect antennas to the receiver.

The downconverters are also an interference reducing band pass filter and a gain amplifier. It converts the signal to lower frequencies to reach further distance.

Kit Helios

Our kit is a Transmitter (100mW) with one Receiver (RX ULTRA) with four RF inputs

Four downconverters with four omnidirectional antennas and one directionnal antenna