What we propose

Our Starter Qtake Package includes :

  • A fully equiped cart with Wifi for local streaming
  • iPads for your team and clients so they have their own portable monitor
  • A high quality talkback service for the Director or DOP
  • 2 RF systems to send back the video feed to the Director monitor without cables on the ground


• Upgradable system up to 8 cameras.

• High quality Cloud streaming for up to 8 cameras.

• GPI triggering for live multi passes shot on motion control (live compositing while shooting, not after the shots anymore).

• Powerfull outdoor long range Wifi Access point for local streaming.

• Whitness cam 360° via cloud streaming so you can see the set on every angles like if you where here.

For more information about our solutions, please contact us directly at

Our Operators

Jordane Lassale and Dimitri Sorel are both co-funders of Playback.
We mutualise our expertise on QTake, Video Assist, VFX, Networks, Streaming, RF managing and Motion-control to offer the best services that you need.

Jordane Lassalle

+33 6 70 77 07 48

Qtake Operator / Live VFX / DIT / Data manager / Editing & After Effect

Dimitri Sorel

+33 6 84 77 39 65

Qtake Operator / Live VFX / DIT / Data manager/ AC / Electronic and Programming